3 Things To Ask Yourself When Considering A Nursing Home For Your Aging Loved One

Watching someone that you love age can be very hard. In fact, it could be difficult because you may feel the need to care for them yourself but soon find that it too much time and effort for one person to do on their own. This is why many people choose to put their loved one in an assisted living facility. Here are some signs to look for to know if it is right for your loved one to go to assisted living.

Is Your Loved One Failing to Care for Their Personal Hygiene?

One of the first things you may notice suffering if your loved one's personal hygiene. When you visit you may notice that it has been days since they have bathed, simply because it is too hard, or they have forgotten. In addition, they maybe wearing the same clothes for days because it is too hard to change into pajamas and clothing each day.

You also may want to see if their clothing is clean enough and if they are doing their laundry. If they are unable to do these things to care for themselves they might need more help.

Is Your Loved One Forgetting Things at Home?

Another dangerous sign is that the person is forgetting things. For example, they might heat themselves up some food on the stove and forget to turn it off when they are finished. They could be forgetting to lock the doors, or to wash the dishes. All of these things cannot only be a sign that they need more help, but it can be dangerous. They could be putting themselves in harm way and risking a house fire or sickness.

This is why you should consider getting your loved one into assisted living the moment you notice these symptoms.

Is Your Loved One Lonely and Depressed?

It is not uncommon for an aging individual to become lonely or depressed. They might feel like they don't have enough visitors or that there is not enough entertainment. A nursing home may be the best solution for this. There are events going on all the time where they can enjoy live entertainment, games and social events. In addition, they will be around other person so that they don't feel so alone. You can still visit as often as you want, but you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is never alone.

These are just some questions to ask yourself to know if it is time for assisted living for your loved one.