How To Really Figure Out If A Senior Living Facility Is For You

If you are thinking about moving into a senior living facility, it is important that you not only find a place you can afford, but find a place where you also feel comfortable and safe. Use these tips to help you figure out if a senior living facility is really the right place for you.

Visit The Living Areas

Do not just visit the community living areas; make sure you are able to tour the personal living areas where you would be making your home. When you tour the personal living areas, try to picture your belongings there and picture yourself hanging out there. 

Think about if your furniture would fit into the area. Many senior living facilities offer small living areas; it is important that you feel comfortable with the square footage. 

Pay attention to how many windows there are, and make sure there is enough light for you. 

Try Out The Food

In many senior living facilities, the facility prepares your meals for you. Your food taste and preferences are probably pretty well developed; try a meal and make sure you like the type of food they serve. If possible, visit more than once and try the food on multiple days.

Also, sit down with the current residents and get their take on the food. They are the ones who eat it every day, and can give you real feedback on the overall quality of food the facility offers. 

Join In During An Activity

If the community you are interested in living in holds activities, join in on the activities and see if you enjoy hanging out with the other residents. Look over the activity calendar for the past month or the upcoming month, and see how many of the activities you would actually want to participate in. You will be paying for these activities, so it is important that you find a facility which offers activities you want to do on a regular basis. 

Look Outside

Finally, if you enjoy spending time outside, make sure you check out the outside area. See if there is anywhere you can sit and relax outside. If you like to garden, see if there are any areas for residents to engage in community gardening activities. 

When looking for a senior living facility, you need to be able to actually picture yourself living in the facility. Try to imagine yourself there by mapping out what your living quarters may look like, inspecting the outside relaxation and gardening areas, trying the food, participating in activities. To learn more, contact a facility like Crimson Ridge Meadows