Benefits Of Short-Term Rehabilitation

Many people fear nursing homes because they associate them with the loss of independence. In some ways, nursing homes can help you regain your independence, particularly when they offer short-term rehabilitation programs. If you have been injured, had surgery, or a stroke, one of these programs can help you get back on your feet faster than you would at home. 

Family Care

Your family loves you and supports you, but they may not be the best people to help you recover initially. Even those with the best intentions can interfere with your rehabilitation by doing too much for you. Conversely, your family may think you need to do more than the doctor ordered. All the free advice may be overwhelming. If you enter a short-term rehabilitation facility (such as Valley View Retirement Community), you will be able to focus on your recovery without dealing with amateur advice.   

Professional Program

An in-patient program prescribed by your doctor can bridge the gap between the hospital and the home care by offering individualized physical therapy workouts for hours every day, sometimes six or seven days a week, administered by expert staff. In addition, you may receive occupational and speech therapy if needed. That type of therapy schedule can help you recover from a stroke, knee surgery, or other major medical event more quickly. Your medications will also be managed as well as your diet. A professional rehab program in a nursing home can provide a homier and more relaxing environment for some people to recover than other medical facilities, and you should be able to get back home in a matter of days or weeks.


You will need to check your insurance policy to find out what kind of rehabilitation services it covers. A phone call to your carrier should provide all the information you need. If you have Medicare, your coverage should extend to your stay in a skilled nursing facility or SNF. Fortunately, most hospitals have staff who will research your coverage for you and make the arrangements for your stay. 

Nursing homes can be one of the better places to recover from a serious medical incident. Many offer more than long-term care. They can give you the type of short-term therapy that you need so that you can return home and function normally. These programs are often a necessary step between leaving the hospital and going home. They also relieve you and your family from the stress of at-home care.