Worried About Your Elderly Parents? 5 Signs They Might Need In Home Care

It's not easy to watch your parents age, especially when it becomes apparent that they're having problems caring for themselves. If your parents are reaching a point where they can no longer care for all their needs, it might be time to consider hiring in home care for them. Here are five signs that your parents may need additional assistance.

Disheveled Appearance

If your parents used to pride themselves on the way they dressed, but now they seem to always be disheveled, they may be having a hard time dressing themselves or doing their laundry. Declining health or ambulatory problems can make it difficult to do things such as button clothing or even load a washing machine.

Weight Loss

If your parents are suddenly losing weight, they may be having a hard time getting to the grocery store or standing up long enough to prepare meals. Weight loss in one parent may be a health issue that needs to be addressed. However, if both of your parents are losing weight, you should consider having in home care services help provide assistance with their meals.

Unsteady on Their Feet

If your parents are becoming unsteady on their feet, it might be time to provide in home care for them. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious problems for the elderly, especially if they lead to fractures that require hospitalization. If you've noticed that your parents are stumbling more often than they used to, or have experienced an increased number of falls – or near falls – you should arrange to have in home assistance.

Urine Odor in Home

If you're beginning to notice a strong urine odor in their home, they may be having a difficult time getting to the bathroom. Incontinence problems in the elderly can make it difficult – or impossible – for them to get to the bathroom in time to prevent an accident. Providing in home care would ensure that someone was there to help your parents get to the bathroom in time.

Increased Isolation

If you're noticing that your parents' social circle is dwindling, in home care can help. Health and mobility issues can make it difficult for the elderly to get out and socialize with friends. When that happens, depression can set in. If your parents are no longer able to socialize, in home care workers can provide companionship and comfort.

If your parents are no longer able to care for themselves, but they aren't quite ready for a nursing home or assisted living facility, you should consider in home services