3 Toys That Are Great For Alzheimer's Patients

If your loved one has Alzheimer's, you may have looked into the very best medications and the very best doctors for him or her. One thing that you might not realize, however, is that you can actually find items at the local toy store that can be beneficial for Alzheimer's patients. These are a few things that you can consider picking up from the local toy store.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles are actually great even for seniors (and younger adults) who do not have Alzheimer's, but they can be particularly helpful for those who do. Puzzles help the brain retain information about shapes and colors, and they help both sides of the brain work together. Plus, another great thing about them for Alzheimer's patients is that you can adjust the type of puzzle that you purchase for your loved one as his or her disease progresses. For example, you might choose a more complicated puzzle for someone in the earlier stages of Alzheimer's, and you might opt for puzzles with larger pieces for someone who has regressed a little more. When choosing a puzzle, look for one with a picture of a favorite place, favorite animal or other favorite thing.

2. Dolls Doll therapy, which is also known as cuddle therapy, is a fairly common treatment option for Alzheimer's patients. Basically, it involves purchasing a doll for your loved one to cuddle with and take care of. Some people see this as a bit demeaning, but it works well for a lot of people. If you don't want to purchase something that is too "childish" for your loved one, you could consider purchasing something like a collector's doll, which are commonly purchased by adults. Then, your loved one can display it and enjoy looking at it for now but will have it available if cuddle therapy ever seems like a good option.

3. Music Toys Some individuals with Alzheimer's find that they are stimulated by music toys. Being able to play music can be soothing and can be a fun activity. A keyboard, recorder, xylophone or other similar item from a toy store can be great for this purpose.

Toy stores actually have a lot of items that can be great for Alzheimer's patients. If you have a loved one who has Alzheimer's, consider perusing the aisles in a local toy store for these items or others that could be beneficial for him or her. Contact a company like Gateway Living for more information.