3 Activities For An Elderly Bedridden Alzheimer's Patient

Caring for an individual with Alzheimer's or dementia can be difficult enough, but when that person is confined to a bed, the task may become even more of a challenge. Because an elderly bedridden Alzheimer's patient cannot go outside for a walk and exercise, you must provide other stimulating activities for them to occupy their time and exercise their mind. The following is a list of inspiring undertakings that may help:

1. Play a Game of "Name That Tune" to Inspire Memories

Here is a stimulating and engaging activity your elderly Alzheimer's patient may enjoy from the comfort of their bed. Put together an oldies compilation of songs that he or she may recognize. Play a short excerpt of a song and ask the individual to name that tune. A long forgotten song may conjure up memories of a happy time for the individual and help stimulate the mind. When your patient recognizes the tune, ask what the song reminds him or her of, and where he or she was at the time the song was popular.

If you don't have the time or inclination to put together a music compilation, there are ready-made compilation music compact discs (CDs) you can purchase for playing such a game. These CDs may be called "music Quiz" records or something similar. It typically contains the first few bars of a popular oldies song from a particular era, and the individual must guess the song title.

2. Request a Home Visit From a Therapy Dog

Animals may provide companionship and comfort to bedridden Alzheimer's patients. If you can find a therapy dog program that offers home visits, this may be an good idea, especially if the individual has always had pets in the past, but can no longer care for one. Petting the dog and interacting with it may promote a sort of spiritual healing for the patient. Look for local organizations that employee certified therapy dogs and their trainers to visit hospices, nursing homes and private residences.

3. Get With the Trend: Encourage Adult Coloring

Adult coloring books are the latest trend for grownups, and a practical way to spark creativity and memories of childhood for your Alzheimer's patient. The great thing is, this activity can be done in bed or sitting in a favorite easy chair. You can choose books with intricate designs or those with more simplistic images and less detail. Provide markers, colored pencils, gel pens or crayons. There is no right or wrong way to color, and this relaxing activity may bring smiles and contentment to your patient.

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