Aging Loved One? 3 Ways To Smooth The Talk About Assisted Living

As a family caregiver, you have watched as your loved one fought hard to keep their independence. Yet, there often comes a time when living alone may no longer be the best choice. When this happens, talking to your loved one about assisted living can feel like you are walking a delicate line. On one hand, you want them to know they still have years of quality living ahead of them, but you also want them to be safe. Fortunately, you can bring up the topic of moving to a new residence by using these simple strategies.

Make It a Discussion

It is important to avoid pressuring your loved one to make a decision immediately. This is especially essential if they have been living in their home for years, and moving represents a major life change. Instead, ask your parent to think about their living options and consider the possibility that moving to a senior community could bring positive changes into their life. After the initial discussion, make plans to follow up on the conversation by asking a few new open-ended questions.

Focus on the Positive

Senior communities have come a long way since the days of the outdated nursing home model. Today, your loved one can enjoy amenities such as healthy meal planning, exciting day trips to local businesses and special events that are hosted right there in their community. Explore the list of amenities offered by your preferred assisted living residence and share it with your loved one. Once they see that they can enjoy more socialization and get involved in fun activities, moving will seem much more positive.

Take a Tour

Sometimes, you just can't beat seeing a place in real life. As your loved one opens up to the idea of moving, plan a visit to tour assisted living facilities. This way, they can begin to look at different floor layouts and picture how they will set up their new place. They can also meet the staff and other residents so that they can understand how they will fit into their new environment.

Tackling the topic of a senior's need for additional help can be tricky. Yet, you are fortunate to have an array of positive options to present to your loved one that will enhance their life. From enjoying closer contact with family and friends to knowing that they are safe at home, you can show your loved one the finer points of moving to an assisted living community.