4 Contract Provisions To Look For In Oregon Assisted Living Contracts

If you are currently helping your parents find an assisted living community to move into, it is vital that you look closely at the contract for any facility they are interested in moving into. Here are four contract provisions you need to keep your eyes out for in the state of Oregon.

#1 Nonrefundable Move-In Fees

The first thing you need to look out for is a move-in fee. Assisted living facilities in Oregon are allowed to charge a non-refundable move-in fee as long as the fee is actually disclosed in the contract. Make sure that you are aware of what the fee is; if your parents sign the contract and later decide that they don't want to move into that particular assisted living facility, they will still be responsible for paying the fee. You and your parents should be very certain that you want to move in before you sign any contracts to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

#2 Discount Rates

Be sure to ask if any discount rates are provided. Many assisted living facilities will offer you discounted rates if you agree to sign a one-year contract instead of a month-to-month contract. If the facility offers a discounted rate, be sure to look closely at the fine print. If you are given a discount, you may be asked to pay the fees for the remainder of the year if you leave early, or you may be asked to pay back the discount you received for the specific number of days that you were at the facility.

#3 Medicaid Payment

If your parents will be using Medicaid to pay for the assisted living facility, try to find a facility that has a Medicaid contract. If the facility has a Medicaid contract, they are obligated to get all of their payments from Medicaid. Sometimes facilities will wrongly tell you that you need to have the funds to pay for a year of service without Medicaid before Medicaid will kick in. Make sure that your parents' contract clearly states that Medicaid will be paying their bill if this is the case.

#4 Get A Pre-Admission Evaluation

Before your parents move in, they should be given a pre-admission evaluation. This evaluation will analyze their care needs, and your parents should be provided with a service rate based on this evaluation. During the first month that your parents are in the facility, this care rate can be re-evaluated. Make sure that the contract requires that your parents approve the care plan, and make sure that you get in writing that their care plan service fee costs will not increase at an unrealistic pace.

Finally, it is a good idea to have a lawyer inspect any contract before your parents sign it. You should also not sign any assisted living contract as a guarantor, as doing so would make you responsible for your parent's bills. 

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