Types Of Services Offered By Home Health Care Agencies

Home health care involves the provision of clinical care to patients in the comfort of their homes. The main goal of home health care is to allow the patient to retain their independence and stay in a comfortable environment that can promote quick recovery. If you have been considering home health care for a loved one with a chronic illness or an injury, here are some of the services offered by home health care agencies:

Nursing Care

Nursing care can either be hourly or long-term depending on the patient's needs. The nurse assigned can perform tasks like administering medication, wound dressing, monitoring the patient's progress, and any other health care support they might need. When choosing a home health care agency, it is important that you get to know what to expect from every service they offer.

Home Health Aides

Patients with chronic illnesses may require long-term aides to help with daily activities. Agencies can provide caregivers that are well trained and skilled at offering specialized services. The aides can help with meal preparation, grooming, laundry, and other housekeeping activities. Patients with injuries can receive special services like wound dressing. Your loved one may also need help relearning how to perform some activities that they might have been unable to perform after an injury or illness. The home health care agency will provide a skilled healthcare professional aide to assist the patient until they achieve full recovery. If you have any special requirements, you can choose a home health care agency that can customize its services to your needs.

Nutritional Support & Help with Medication

Good nutrition helps promote good health among patients. Home health care agencies have dieticians who can recommend the right meals for your loved ones. A dietitian can carry out some tests and help you come up with a good diet plan based on the assessment made. Some home health care agencies can also assign caregivers to help with medication. If a patient requires intravenous therapy, they might need a skilled nurse or caregiver to assist with medications. Your loved one can also be trained on how to take their medication.

Pharmaceutical Services

Home health care eliminates the need to take several trips to health care facilities. With the help of improved and modern technology, some laboratory tests can now be performed at home. Any medical equipment that might be needed to administer any medicine can also be delivered at home. Getting a home health care agency that has all the right tools and equipment, will help your loved one access the required healthcare services without having to visit a medical facility.