Tips For Conducting Research To Find The Right Assisted Living Facility

Are you or a loved one going to be moving into an assisted living facility or senior care home in the near future? Before you make a commitment, you will of course want to do some research and make sure you find the right facility for your or your loved one's needs. To that end, here are some things you can do to put everyone's mind at ease and move forward knowing you are making a good decision.

Start Online

You can start your research online at the facility's website. Look for the list of services and amenities and make sure it matches up with your needs. Make a list of questions to take with you when you visit the facility for the first time. While you are online, you might try to see if the facility has any reviews posted and not just on the facility's official site. Look for reviews on third-party sites and see what guests like about the place and what areas might need a bit of improvement.

Schedule a Tour

Now that you have a general overview, it's a good idea to go and take a look yourself. Schedule a tour and take your time going through the facility, looking at the amenities and services offered. Pay attention to how the staff interacts with the people currently staying there. Get an overview of the daily schedule and see if it's something that fits your specific needs or the needs of your loved one.

Inquire About Training

If you have the opportunity, you should ask staff members some questions. Beyond how they like working there, see if you can figure out what type of healthcare background they specialize in. Ask if they've received additional training since starting at the facility. Make sure there is a friendly atmosphere.

Double Check Licensing

You should ask during the tour about the facility's licensing or accreditation. There might be documents on display or on file that can be shown to you. You should also follow up with any state boards or agencies that regulate these things after the tour and make sure everything you saw is still accurate.

Ask for Feedback or References

An assisted living facility that has been around for a while can likely provide references from other patients or families of other patients. Inquire with these people about what they liked or did not like about the facility.

Do some legwork before you commit to an assisted living facility and you'll likely have more peace of mind once you or your loved one start living there. Contact a local assisted living facility today to get started.